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Apout is a PDP-11 emulator originally written by Warren Toomey and improved by Sergey Poznyakoff to handle binaries from the earliest UNIX distributions. The original version of apout is distributed from the ftp archive of The UNIX heritage society, or any of its mirrors (in particular, tuhs.org.ua -- it's mirror in Ukraine).

New features

This apout version successfully runs all binaries from the earliest UNIX distributions available: 1972_stuff and Dennis_v3. The major part of these are of V2 type. A new switch, -type allows to force running a binary as a given type, so, for example, running

apout -type v2 prog

successfully runs most of the Dennis_v3 binaries.

Several binaries do not fit into that scheme. They are: /bin/strip, :. ln, rm, chmod. The new version is able to run these as well.

Beside this, the new version fixes several compatibility problems.


See the project's homepage at Puszcza for information about CVS repository.

The recent version of the modified apout is available for download: apout-2.3.gray.1.tar.gz.

Decoded pieces from 1972 sources

Two more pieces from s1-fragments were decoded, namely:

frag57 goto.c the goto command
frag64 hyphen.c the hyphen command

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