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1 Overview

Aspell-gcide is a filter module for spell-checking dictionary files of the GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English using GNU Aspell.

Aspell-gcide is available for download from

or can be cloned from its repository by

git clone

2 Installation

You will need the following prerequisites:

  1. Aspell must be installed on your system.
  2. Aspell source files must be avilable on the file system.

To install aspell-gcide follow these steps:

  • Configure the pachage
    ./configure CPPFLAGS=-Iaspell/common

    Replace aspell with the actual pathname to the directory where aspell sources are unpacked.

  • Build the package:
  • Install the package
    make install

To check that the module is installed successfully, run

aspell filters

Its output should contain the following line:

gcide          filter for checking GCIDE corpus files

3 Installing from the repository

To install from the sources obtained from the git repository, you will additionally need the following packages:

First, run

autoreconf -f -i -s

Then, proceed as described in previous section.

4 Usage

To spell-check the GCIDE corpus files, use the following syntax:

aspll -c --add-filter gcide CIDE.A

The module will check the content of headwords (delimited by <ent> and </ent> tags) and definitions (delimited by <def> and </def>). To limit spell-checking to definitions only, use the --gcide-skip-headwords option, e.g.:

aspll -c --add-filter gcide --gcide-skip-headwords CIDE.A

You can also use these options from your .aspell.conf file:

add-filter gcide
f-gcide-skip-headwords true

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