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4.3.10 Server Capabilities

Capabilities are certain server features that can be enabled or disabled at the system administrator’s will.

Configuration: capability list

Requests additional capabilities from the list.

The argument to capability directive must contain names of existing dicod capabilities. These are listed in the following table:


The AUTH command is supported. See Authentication.


The OPTION MIME command is supported. Notice that RFC 2229 requires all servers to support that command, so you should always specify this capability.


The XVERSION command is supported. It is a GNU extension that displays the dicod implementation and version number. See XVERSION.


The XLEV command is supported. This command allows the remote party to set and query maximal Levenshtein distance for lev matching strategy. See strategy. See XLEV.

The capabilities set using this directive are displayed in the initial server reply (see initial reply), and their descriptions are added to the HELP command output (unless specified otherwise by the help-text statement).