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B.2.8 The HELP Command

Command: HELP

The HELP command provides a short summary of commands that are understood by the server. The response begins with a ‘113’ code, followed by textual body defined in help-text configuration file statement (see help-text), which is terminated by a dot on a line by itself. A ‘250’ response code finishes the output. For example:

113 help text follows
DEFINE database word         -- look up word in database
MATCH database strategy word -- match word in database 
SHOW DB                      -- list all accessible databases
SHOW DATABASES               -- list all accessible databases
SHOW STRAT                   -- list available matching strategies
SHOW STRATEGIES              -- list available matching strategies
SHOW INFO database           -- provide database information
SHOW SERVER                  -- provide site-specific information
CLIENT info                  -- identify client to server
STATUS                       -- display timing information
HELP                         -- display this help information
QUIT                         -- terminate connection
250 Ok