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7.2.4 History Commands

Each issued command is stored in a history list and assigned a unique event number. When dico exits, it saves the command history to a file named .dico_history in your home directory. Upon startup, it retrieves the history from this file, so the history is preserved between sessions.

You can view the command history using the history command:

dico> .history
  1) .open
  2) entdeckung
  3) /geschwindigkeit

A number of editing commands is provided, that allow you to refer to previous events from the history list and to edit them. For example, to re-issue the 3rd event from the above list, type ‘!3’. The command with this index will be inserted at the dico prompt and you will be given a possibility to edit it. For a detailed description of all history-editing commands, please refer to Using History Interactively in GNU History User Manual.