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7.2.8 Other Commands

The prefix command queries or changes the current command prefix:

dico> .prefix
Command prefix is .
dico> .prefix @
dico> @prefix
Command prefix is @

The prompt command changes the dico command line prompt. For example, to change it to ‘dico$’, followed by a single space, type:

dico> .prompt "dico$ "
dico$ _

Note the use of quotes to include the space character in the argument.

The help command displays a short command usage summary. For convenience, a single question mark can be used instead of it:

dico> ?
/WORD                    Match WORD.
/                        Redisplay previous matches.
NUMBER                   Define NUMBERth match.
!NUMBER                  Edit NUMBERth previous command.

.open [HOST [PORT]]      Connect to a DICT server.
.close                   Close the connection.

The version command displays the package name and version number, and the warranty command displays the copyright statement.

Finally, the quit command leaves the dico shell. Typing end-of-file character (C-d) has the same effect.