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4.3.6 Security Settings

This subsection describes configuration settings that control access to various resources served by dicod.

Configuration: connection-acl acl-name

Use ACL acl-name to control incoming connections. The ACL itself must be defined before this statement. Using user-group (see previous subsection) in this ACL makes no sense, because the authentication itself is performed only after the connection have been established.

acl incoming-conn {
   allow from;
   deny any;

connection-acl incoming-conn;
Configuration: show-sys-info acl-name

This statement controls whether to show system information in reply to SHOW SERVER command (see SHOW SERVER). The information will be shown only if ACL acl-name allows it.

The system information shown includes the following data: name of the package and its version, name of the system where it was built and the kernel version thereof, host name, total operational time of the daemon, number of subprocesses executed so far and average usage frequency. For example:

dicod (dico 2.10) on Linux 2.6.32, up 99+04:42:58, 19647 forks (686.9/hour)