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D.9 url

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struct: dico_url

struct dico_request {
    int type;
    char *word;
    char *database;
    char *strategy;
    unsigned long n;

struct dico_url {
    char *string;
    char *proto;
    char *host;
    int port;
    char *path;
    char *user;
    char *passwd;
    dico_assoc_list_t args;
    struct dico_request req;
Pointer: dico_url_t
Function: int dico_url_parse (dico_url_t *purl, const char *str)
Function: void dico_url_destroy (dico_url_t *purl)
Function: const char * dico_url_get_arg ( dico_url_t url, const char *argname)
Function: char * dico_url_full_path (dico_url_t url)