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5.4 Syslog

While connected to the terminal, direvent outputs its diagnostics and debugging messages to the standard error. After disconnecting from the controlling terminal it closes the first three file descriptors and directs all its output to the syslog. When running in foreground mode, its messages are sent both to the standard error and to the syslog.

The following configuration statement controls the syslog output:

syslog {
    facility string;
    tag string;
    print-priority bool;

The statements are:

Config: facility string

Set syslog facility. The argument is one of the following: ‘user’, ‘daemon’, ‘auth’ or ‘authpriv’, ‘mail’, ‘cron’, ‘local0’ through ‘local7’ (case-insensitive), or a facility number.

Config: tag string

Tag syslog messages with ‘string’. Normally the messages are tagged with the program name.

Config: print-priority bool

Prefix each message with its priority.

An example syslog statement:

syslog {
    facility local0;
    print-priority yes;