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25 The gdbm_dump utility

The gdbm_dump utility creates a flat file dump of a GDBM database (see Flat files). It takes one mandatory argument: the name of the source database file. The second argument, if given, specifies the name of the output file. If not given, gdbm_dump will produce the dump on the standard output.

For example, the following invocation creates a dump of the database file.db in the file file.dump:

$ gdbm_dump file.db file.dump

By default the utility creates dumps in ASCII format (see ASCII). Another format can be requested using the --format (-H) option.

The gdbm_dump utility understands the following command line options:

-H fmt

Select output format. Valid values for fmt are: binary or 0 to select binary dump format, and ascii or 1 to select ASCII format.


Print a concise help summary.


Print program version and licensing information and exit.


Print a terse invocation syntax summary along with a list of available command line options.