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5 Destinations

Upload destination defines, directly or indirectly, distribution server and distribution directory for the upload. At least one destination must be defined in each grayupload invocation. It is possible to supply several destination in one upload.

Two options are provided that supply destinations. The --url option defines the URL of the upload server, upload directory and, optionally destination directory, as well as the protocol used for upload. The URL argument has the following form:


Here, square brackets denote optional parts. The parts of a URL are:


Defines the protocol used for upload. Following values are understood: ‘ftp’, for anonymous FTP upload, ‘sftp’, for upload via SFTP, and ‘file’, for copying triplet files to a local directory. In the latter case, the user and host parts must be omitted.

The ‘scp’ protocol is deliberately not implemented, due to associated security implications.


Optional username for authorization. Used for ‘ftp’ and ‘sftp’. If not supplied, ‘ftp’ is used for ‘ftp’, and current login name for ‘sftp’.


Hostname of the upload server.


Upload directory.


Destination directory.

For example, the following will form a triplet for uploading tar-1.34.90.tar.gz to the /incoming/alpha directory and upload it via anonymous FTP to server ‘’. The server will be instructed to make the uploaded tarball available from the tar subdirectory at the distribution server:

graypload --url ';tar' \

Using the --url option requires knowledge about upload server, which can be considered an “internal” aspect of the automatic upload system. Another option is available, which does not require this knowledge. The --to option takes as argument one of the standard destinations, which are well-known destinations built into grayupload. A standard destination specifies the distribution server and directory. As of version 1.1 of grayupload, the following standard destinations are understood:

Upload for distribution from ‘’.

Upload for distribution from ‘’.


Upload for distribution from ‘’. If your remote and local user names differ, use the ‘user@’ prefix.


Upload for distribution from ‘’. If your remote and local user names differ, use the ‘user@’ prefix.


Prepare the triplet for distribution from the directory dist_dir and copy it to the local directory dir. If dist_dir is omitted, dir is used instead.

This is a shortcut of the file:// URL, useful mainly for debugging.

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