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1 Overview

The final step in the development cycle of a software package is uploading it to the server which will make it available to its users. For GNU software, this is normally done using the Automated FTP Uploads in Information for Maintainers of GNU Software, a protocol allowing the maintainer to distribute his work without intervention of system administrators. This protocol is used, for example, by,, and Traditionally, the gnupload script was used to upload release tarballs to the destination server (see gnupload in GNU Gnulib). It is a simple script that relies on binaries normally found on each GNU/Linux system to do its job.

Grayupload is just another tool for this task. It was created as a result of experience gained during two decades of using gnupload. Grayupload was created with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Minimize dependencies on external binaries.

    The only dependency left is gpg, which is used to sign the releases.

  2. Provide a consistent command line interface.
  3. Provide extensive debugging capabilities.
  4. Ensure program extensibility.
  5. Ensure smooth transition from gnupload.