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4.4 Additional statements

Config: defgroup excl name pattern field match min max vsize rss cpu

An alternative way to define a process group (both inclusive and exclusive). This statement is used in persistent storage configuration files the program creates upon shutdown. A defgroup statement declares a process group created via the remote management interface (see Remote management, for details). The use of this statement for other purposes is expressly discouraged.

The arguments are:

excl1 if it’s an exclusion list, 0 otherwise.
nameName of the group.
patternThe pattern.
fieldField name code: 0 for comm, 1 for exe, and 2 for cmdline.
matchMatch method: 0 for exact, 1 for basename, and 2 for regex.
minMinimum process count.
maxMaximum process count.
vsizeMaximum virtual memory size (kB).
rssMaximum RSS size (kB).
cpuMaximum CPU usage (percent).

Table 4.1: Defgroup arguments

If the statement refers to a group already defined in the main configuration file, that group is changed accordingly. Otherwise a new group is created.