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7 Installation

The package can be used only on GNU/Linux systems. The prerequisites for building are: GNU make, Net-SNMP libraries and headers.

To build and install the package to its default location (below /usr/local), run:

  make install

A number of variables (described below) control the compilation and installation process. To define these, run

  make config

and edit the file When done, run make.

The variables are:


Compilation flags for cc.


Include paths (‘-I DIR’), and other preprocessor flags.


Name of the net-snmp-config program. It is needed to set the flags for the program loader flags and the libraries to link with. Normally it is determined automatically. The make command will bail out if unable to do so. In this case, you will have to set this variable manually, otherwise just leave it as it is.


Installation prefix. Unless expressly overridden, all package components will be installed under this prefix. The default value is /usr/local.


Installation directory for the hostproc binary. Default is $(PREFIX)/sbin.


Root directory for architecture-independent files (MIBs, documentation, etc). Default is $(PREFIX)/share.


Installation directory for manual pages. Default is $(DATAROOTDIR)/man.


Installation directory for the HOSTPROC-MIB.txt file. Default is $(DATAROOTDIR)/snmp/mibs.