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3 The program

The hostproc binary is an AgentX module for snmpd that serves the HOSTPROC-MIB module. To ensure its interaction with snmpd, add the following statement to your snmpd.conf file:

  master agentx

The hostproc agent reads its configuration from the file hostproc.conf, which is searched in the default Net-SNMP configuration path (you can obtain its value by running hostproc -h and inspecting the last line of the output). The file is described in detail in the following chapter.

By default, hostproc runs as daemon and logs its diagnostic messages via the syslog channel daemon. The program understands the following command line options:


When logging to a file (-Lf), append to it, rather than truncating it.


Don’t read default configuration files. Useful together with the -c option.

-D token[,token...]

Turn on debugging for the given tokens. The -DALL option enables maximum debugging output. Note, that this option works only if Net-SNMP has been configured with debugging enabled. Otherwise, it is a no-op.


Display a list of configuration file directives understood by the agent and then exit.

-L [eEfFoOsS]

Configure logging. See the section LOGGING OPTIONS in snmpcmd(1) manpage.

-c file

Read configuration from file. The argument can be a comma-separated list of configuration files, in which case they are parsed in turn.


Dump (in hexadecimal) the sent and received SNMP packets.


Remain in foreground. Implies -Le, i.e. logs diagnostic messages to the standard error.

-p file

Write PID to FILE. This overrides the pidfile configuration statement.


Print a short usage summary.

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