5. Initialization

Autoconf Macro: IMPRIMATUR_INIT (dir, options)

Initializes Imprimatur framework. Both arguments are optional. The dir argument, if supplied, specifies the directory you cloned Imprimatur into. It defaults to ‘imprimatur’, so that if you follow the default setup described in How to Use Imprimatur you don't need to supply this argument.

The options argument is a whitespace-separated list of options. Following options are recognized:

Option: PROOF

Set the default rendition to ‘PROOF’.


Set the default rendition to ‘DISTRIB’.


Set the default rendition to ‘PUBLISH’.

If none of these three options is given, IMPRIMATUR_INIT will select default rendition based on the version number of the hosting package, i.e. the ‘VERSION’ variable, as set by AC_INIT macro. The version number should consist of up to three integers, separated by dots. The first integer is the major number, the second one is the minor number, and the third one is the patchlevel. Given that, the following algorithm is used:

  1. If patchlevel is present, then:
    1. If it is less than 50, ‘DISTRIB’ rendition is selected.
    2. Otherwise, the package is considered an alpha release and ‘PROOF’ rendition is selected.
  2. If patchlevel is not present, ‘DISTRIB’ is used.
Option: frenchspacing

Assume French sentence spacing. See (texinfo)frenchspacing section `frenchspacing' in Texinfo Manual, for a description of the two possible sentence spacings.

By default, American sentence spacing is assumed. This option affects the ‘imprimatur-check-sentence-spacing’ Makefile rule, which verifies whether sentence spacing is used consistently throughout the document. See imprimatur-check-sentence-spacing.

Option: makedoc

Enables creation of a separate makefile for building Imprimatur documentation. This file is called ‘Makedoc’ and contains rules for building this manual in various output formats. With this option on, the ‘Makefile’ in the ‘imprimatur’ subdirectory will also contain several additional shortcut rules, namely:

make info
make imprimatur.info

Creates the manual in info format (a shortcut for make -f Makedoc imprimatur.info).

make pdf

Creates a PDF output (a shortcut for make -f Makedoc pfd).

make dvi

Creates a DVI output.

make ps

Creates a PostScript output.

This is intended mostly for Imprimatur maintainers, but you may use this option to build your own, perhaps customized, copies of this manual.

Option: dist-info

Distribute the ‘imprimatur.info’ file. This option is valid only in conjunction with ‘makedoc’.

The IMPRIMATUR_INIT macro defines several substitution variables, which you can use in your ‘Makefile.am’ files.

Substitution Variable: IMPRIMATUR_MODULE_DIR

The name of the directory Imprimatur was cloned into. This name is relative to the top source directory. It helps address files from the Imprimatur subdirectory. For example:


Additional options for makeinfo and compatible tools, which inform them about location of Imprimatur Texinfo files. You need to add this variable to your ‘AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS’ variable:

Substitution Variable: RENDITION

Default rendition. You may need this variable to inform various tools about the selected rendition level, e.g.:

TEXI2DVI=texi2dvi -t '@set $(RENDITION)'

Note, that ‘IMPRIMATUR_MAKEINFOFLAGS’ includes the option ‘-D $(RENDITION)’, so you don't need to define it explicitly if the tool in question uses this variable.