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8.1.1 Operation Modifiers


Run in daemon mode (default).


Load the script named in the command line and execute the function named start, or ‘main’, if start is not given.

The full invocation syntax for this mode is:

mailfromd [options] --run[=start \
          [macro=value] [file args...]

Its parts are:


Any mailfromd options needed to tune its behavior.


Start symbol. Defaults to main.


Any number of Sendmail macro definitions. macro is the macro name and value is the value to initialize it to.


Script file name. If omitted, default script file will be used (see default script file).


Command line arguments that will be pased to the start MFL function as parameters.

The start function must be defined as:

func start (...) returns number

See Run Mode, for a detailed discussion of this feature.


Run in test mode. See Testing Filter Scripts. Default state is ‘envfrom’. This option implies --stderr (see --stderr).