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6 Downloads and Installation

The program can be downloaded from Before installation, create a group which will be used as owner for the user and user group crontab directories. The crontab binary will be installed as set-GID to that group. By default, the group is named ‘crontab’. Assuming this, the usual build sequence is

make install

If you chose another group name, supply it to configure using the --with-crontab-gid option.

The above commands will install the package under /usr/local. That is, the server will be installed as /usr/local/sbin/micron, the crontab utility as /usr/local/bin/crontab, etc. If that’s not what you want, use the --prefix option to specify the installation prefix, e.g.

./configure --prefix=/usr

Please refer to the INSTALL document in the source directory for a discussion of available options to configure and their effect.