2.4 mixal option summary.

mixal [options] [file]

The following table summarizes the available command line options:


Produce a source listing. Unless ‘--list-file’ (see below) is used, the default listing file name is constructed by appending ‘.lst’ suffix to the base name of the input file. If standard input is used, the listing file is named ‘mixal.lst’.

See section Program Listing.


Set listing file name. Implies ‘--list’.

See mixal-list-file.


Force generating object deck (and, eventually, listing) even if there were errors during assembly.


Set output file name. By default, object deck is printed on the standard output.

See mixal-output.


Produce raw object output.

See section Raw Object Code..



Output a cross reference.

See mixal-xref.


Enable parser debugging output.


Enable lexical analyzer debugging output.

-d level

Set debug level. This option is for compatibility with previous versions. The ‘-dy’ option is equivalent to ‘--debug-gram’, ‘-dl’ is equivalent to ‘--debug-lex’, ‘-dyl’ (or ‘-dly’) is equivalent to both.


Print a concise help summary.


Print program version and license information.