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9.3 sftp

Executing sftp on the client machine invokes sftp-server, without arguments, on the server.

We want to allow our users to use sftp to manage their public_html directories. The sftp-server will be executed with the user’s home directory as root, in a chrooted environment. For this to work, each user’s home must contain a copy of sftp-server (which we’ll place in ~/bin subdirectory) and all files it needs for normal execution: /etc/group and /etc/passwd with one entry (for the user and his group), and, unless the binary is linked statically, all the shared libraries it is linked with, in the subdirectory ~/lib.

Given these prerequisites, the following rule will ensure proper sftp interaction:

rule sftp-incoming
  match $command ~ "^.*/sftp-server"
  set [0] = "/bin/sftp-server"
  chroot "~"
  chdir "public_html"

Notice the last action. Due to it, users don’t have to type cd public_html at the beginning of their sftp sessions.