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2.7 Logging and debugging

By default vcsync logs errors to the syslog facility ‘user’. This can be modified both in the configuration and from the command line. In configuration file, logging is configured using the following compound statement:

syslog {
   facility string;
   tag string;
   print-priority bool;

The statements within the syslog block are:

syslog: facility string

Sets the syslog facility to use. Valid arguments are: user, daemon, auth or authpriv, mail, cron, local0 through local7 (case-insensitive), or a decimal facility number.

syslog: tag string

Tags syslog messages with this string. Normally the messages are tagged with the program name.

syslog: print-priority bool

If bool is ‘true’, prefix each message with its priority. True values are: true, yes, t or 1. False values are: false, no, nil, 0.

The -e (--stderr) option disables syslog output and redirects all diagnostics to standard error instead.

The -l pri command line option instructs vcsync to duplicate on the standard error all syslog messages with priority pri or higher.

The verbosity of vcsync is controlled by the debug statement:

Config: debug number

Sets debugging verbosity level. The bigger number is, the more information will be logged.

The same effect is achieved by the -d (--debug) option. This option is incremental, i.e. single option sets minimal verbosity, two -d set level 2, and so on.