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4.7 Syslog Configuration Directives

Unless told otherwise, wydawca uses syslog to print its diagnostic messages. By default, the program uses the ‘daemon’ facility. The syslog statement allows to change that:

Config: syslog { ... }
syslog {
  facility local1;
  tag wydawca;
  print-priority yes;
Config: syslog: facility name

Configures the syslog facility to use. Allowed values are: ‘auth’, ‘authpriv’, ‘cron’, ‘daemon’, ‘ftp’, ‘local0’ through ‘local7’, and ‘mail’. These names are case-insensitive and may be optionally prefixed with ‘log_’ (case-insensitive as well).

Config: syslog: tag string

This statement sets the syslog tag, a string identifying each message issued by the program. By default, the name of the program (‘wydawca’) is used.

Config: syslog: print-priority bool

In addition to priority segregation, provided by syslog, you can instruct wydawca to prefix each syslog message with its priority. To do so, set:

print-priority yes;