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4.14 Statistics

Periodically wydawca produces statistic dumps. These dumps are displayed on the diagnostic channel ‘info’ (and optionally mailed to the admimistrator). The frequency with which they are produced is defined by the stat-report-schedule configuration statement.

Config: stat-report-schedule time

Schedules generation of statistic reports. The time argument is a time specification in ‘crontab’ format (see crontab in crontab(5) manual page). By default, reports are generated hourly.

To create reports each three hours, set

stat-report-schedule "0 */3 * * *";

To create them at midnight, use

stat-report-schedule "@midnight";

See Event timestamps in WY_stat, if statistic reports appear to be generated one second prior to their scheduled time.

Statistic report is suppressed if there were no uploads since the last report.

The following example illustrates what you might get if you configured full statistic reports:

errors: 0
warnings: 2
bad signatures: 0
access violation attempts: 0
complete triplets: 6
incomplete triplets: 2
bad triplets: 0
expired triplets: 0
triplet successes: 6
files uploaded: 12
files archived: 2
symlinks created: 0
symlinks removed: 0

Each item in this report is configurable, and a unique configuration keyword is associated with it. The statistic items and their corresponding keywords are described in the table below:


Any error that occurred during the run.


Any warning condition occurred during the run.


A PGP signature not matches the public key for the user that issued it.


A user is attempting to upload files for some project, but it is not authorized to do so.


A complete triplet is registered.


An incomplete triplet is registered, i.e. such that misses one or more of its files. Notice, that a directive file alone is counted as a complete triplet, provided that its signature verifies correctly and that it does not contain file directive.


A triplet contains files owned by different users.


A triplet has expired.


A triplet is processed successfully


An upload is processed successfully. An upload is defined as a move of a file and its detached signature from the source to the destination directory.


An archivation is performed


A symlink is created.


A symlink is removed.

There are two ways to enable statistic reports. The built-in statistic output is enabled using the statistics keyword.

Config: statistics list

The amount of information included in statistic report is configured using the statistics statement. This statement takes a list of arguments, each one being one of the keywords, described above. For example, the following statement causes only the information about errors and warnings to be printed:

statistics (errors, warnings);

The output produced looks like:

errors: 0
warnings: 2

A special keyword ‘none’ can be used to suppress this output altogether (which is the default), as in

statistics none;

Another special keyword is ‘all’. It enables full statistic report. This keyword may also be followed by any number of statistic item names, which are in this case excluded from the summary. For example, to output all statistic data, except errors and warnings one would set:

statistics (all, errors, warnings);

More elaborate output can be produced using the mod_logstat loadable module. See mod_logstat, for a detailed discussion.

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