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Appendix C Invocation Summary.

This appendix lists all wyslij-po command line options. For each option are given a short description and a reference to the part of this manual that fully describes it.


Set blind carbon-copy recipients (see Message).


Set carbon-copy recipients (see Message).


Use this command for compression (see Message).


Do nothing, print what would have been done (see Dry-run).


Store copy of each message sent in the given folder.


Set sender address (see Message).


Give a short help summary


Set the name of the per-user language table file (see Langtab).

-M url

Use the specified url as the default mailer. See Sending.


Disable PO modification time verification. See Verification.


Disable package version verification. See Verification.

-t email

Set TP robot (recipient) email address. See Sending.


Produce a listing of all command line options.


Produce verbose output. See Dry-run.


Verify PO modification time. See Verification.


Make sure the submitted PO file matches the latest package version. See Verification.


Print program version

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