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Guide to Translating www.gnu.org Web Pages

The translation process is being reformed, so some of the information is no longer relevant. To avoid any unnecessary effort, please contact <web-translators@gnu.org> first.

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General Guide

Language Codes

What to Translate

Translating the home page

Linking Other Documents

Translations into Other Languages


Tools to Help Translators

Keeping Translations Current

Translations Underway

The language code is followed by the name of the language, and the name and e-mail address of the translation team leader.

Translation Teams:

Note that is a special case. The bulk of the site is written in English, which is the de-facto language of the GNU Project. We occasionally need original documents written in other languages translated into English. If you can help with this, please contact <webmasters@gnu.org>.

Final Notes

If you translate a page for www.gnu.org, please insert the following tag, in the <HEAD>...</HEAD> (or <head> for xhtml) section. Where web-translators-es@gnu.org is the forwarding address for your translations team:
  <link rev="translated" href="mailto:web-translators-es@gnu.org" />

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