What's Eclat

Eclat stands for EC2 Command Line Administrator Tool. It allows you to manage Amazon EC2 services from the command line, fast and easy. It does not require any resource-consuming libraries. Written in plain C, it depends only on libraries which are always installed on any decent system, and has low resource requirements.

Requirements and Build Prerequisites

There are no special requirements for the system where Eclat is to be run. As the above table shows, it feels itself quite comfortably even in conditions of extreme scarcity of resources, such as on t1.micro instances.

There are only two prerequisites for building the package: Curl and Expat libraries.

ID Mapping

One of the unique features of Eclat is ID mapping, which allows you to identify EC2 resources by arbitrary symbolic names, instead of Amazon resource identifiers. Tables that map symbolic names to identifiers can be stored in several formats, such as plain text files, GDBM or LDAP databases.