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C.1 Upgrading from 8.17 to 9.00

Old ‘.mf’ suffix gone

The ‘.mf’ suffix, that has long been used for MFL files and has been deprecated since version 8.15 (see 8140-8150) is no longer supported. MFL files have suffix ‘.mfl’.

Begin and end handlers must be defined using prog

The old syntax was:


It is no longer supported. The correct way to declare begin and end handlers is

prog begin

Module and include search paths

Since version 8.15 if a module was not found in module search path, the search was retried using include search path. This is no longer the case: the two paths serve different purposes and don’t interact in any way. MFL modules are searched in module search path only.


Version 9.0 features full IPv6 support.

The following modules used in previous releases are now deprecated. They are retained for backward compatibility. Any existing code that uses any of these will compile and work as in previous releases, except that a warning will be printed to draw your attention to the fact. You are advised to remove uses of these modules, as they will be removed in future versions:


The function match_cidr is reimplemented as a built-in function. Remove any instances of require 'match_cidr' or any equivalent import statements from your code.

See match_cidr.


This module defines the is_ip function:

Library Function: boolean is_ip (string str)

Returns 1 if str is a string representation of an IPv4 address and 0 otherwise.

This function has been obsoleted by is_ip4str function. You are advised to use it, or a more general is_ipstr, function instead. See Internet address manipulation functions, for a detailed discussion of these functions,


This module defines the following function:

Library Function: string revip (string ip)

Reverses octets in ip, which must be a valid string representation of an IPv4 address.

This function has been obsoleted by reverse_ipstr, discussed in Internet address manipulation functions.

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