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Concept Index

This is a general index of all issues discussed in this manual

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Index Entry  Section

! (exclamation point), != operator: Relational expressions

#! ... !#’ initial comment: top-block
#!’ shell magic sequence: top-block
#error: Generated warnings and errors
#error: Generated warnings and errors
#include: include
#include statement: include
#line: line
#pragma: Pragmas
#pragma dbprop: Database functions
#pragma statement: Pragmas
#warning: Generated warnings and errors
#warning: Generated warnings and errors

$#: Functions
$(n): Functions
$@: Functions
$n: Functions

(string: DKIM

--prefix, configure option: Building
--sysconfdir, configure option: Building
--with-dbm, configure option: Building

/etc/postfix/ Postfix
/etc/resolv.conf: conf-resolver

7bit: Filters

8bit: Filters

< (left angle bracket), < operator: Relational expressions
< (left angle bracket), <= operator: Relational expressions

= (equals sign), = operator: Relational expressions

> (right angle bracket), > operator: Relational expressions
> (right angle bracket), >= operator: Relational expressions

@var, special construct: Functions

\D: command summary
\E: command summary
\L: command summary
\S: command summary
\U: command summary

_: m4 macros
_expand_dataseg: Debugging Functions
_heap_reserve: Debugging Functions
_pollhost: Compatibility Callout functions
_pollmx: Compatibility Callout functions
_reg: Debugging Functions
_register: Debugging Functions
_stack_free: Debugging Functions
_wd: Debugging Functions
__defpreproc__: Built-in constants
__defstatedir__: Built-in constants
__file__: Built-in constants
__function__: Built-in constants
__git__: Built-in constants
__line__: Built-in constants
__major__: Built-in constants
__minor__: Built-in constants
__module__: Built-in constants
__package__: Built-in constants
__patch__: Built-in constants
__preproc__: Built-in constants
__statedir__: Built-in constants
__version__: Built-in constants

~/.emacs: Using MFL Mode

a, -a, mtasim option, summary: option summary
accept: Actions
accept action, defined: Actions
accept action, introduced: Start Up
accept in ‘begin: begin/end
accept in ‘end: begin/end
ACCEPT_ACTION: action hook
access: System functions
accessing variables from catch: Catch and Throw
account probing: SAV
acl: conf-milter
acl: conf-calloutd-server
actions: Actions
actions, header manipulation: Actions
actions, introduced: Simplest Configurations
actions, using in connect handler: Handlers
add: Actions
add action, defined: Actions
add in ‘begin: begin/end
add in ‘end: begin/end
adns: Building
Alan Dobkin: Acknowledgments
alias: Functions
aliases: Functions
aliases, looking up: Local Account Verification
all, --all mfdbtool option, introduced: Database Maintenance
all, --all mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
always: conf-callout
always: protocol-calloutd
and: Boolean expressions
append, --append, mtasim option, described: traces
append, --append, mtasim option, summary: option summary
argument number in the list of arguments: Functions
arguments, catch: Catch and Throw
arguments, optional: Functions
as: Polling
ASSERT_ARGCOUNT: Loadable Library
ASSERT_ARGTYPE: Loadable Library
assignment to variable: HELO Domain
assignment, defined: Assignments
associativity, operators: Precedence
asynchronous syslog: Logging and Debugging
auth-macros: pmult-macros
automatic variables: Functions

B: Filters
back reference interpretation: Literals
back references, in program text: Back references
backlog: conf-server
backlog: conf-calloutd-server
backslash interpretation: Literals
base64: Filters
begin: begin/end
begin’ and accept: begin/end
begin’ and add: begin/end
begin’ and continue: begin/end
begin’ and delete: begin/end
begin’ and discard: begin/end
begin’ and reject: begin/end
begin’ and replace: begin/end
begin’ and return: begin/end
begin’ and tempfail: begin/end
begin’, handler restrictions: begin/end
begin, special handler: Start Up
begin, special handler: begin/end
Ben McKeegan: Acknowledgments
Berkeley DB: Building
binary: Filters
bindtextdomain: NLS Functions
body: Handlers
body, handler: Start Up
body-chunk, --body-chunk, mtasim option, summary: option summary
body_has_nulls: Mail body functions
body_string: Mail body functions
break: Loops
break statement: Loops
Brent Spencer: Acknowledgments
bs, -bd, mtasim option, summary: option summary
bs, -bs, mtasim option, summary: option summary
building mailfromd: Building
built-in and library functions, introduced: Functions and Modules
built-in constants: Built-in constants
BURST_DECODE: Message digest functions
burst_eb_min_length: Message digest functions
BURST_ERR_BODY: Message digest functions
BURST_ERR_FAIL: Message digest functions
BURST_ERR_IGNORE: Message digest functions
bye: module structure

cache database: Database Formats
cache, disabling: Database functions
cache, getting status: Database functions
cache_used: Predefined variables
cache_used variable, usage example: Predefined variables
cache_used, global variable, introduced: Compatibility Callout functions
caching DNS requests: SAV
callout: SMTP Callout functions
callout: conf-server
callout server: SMTP Timeouts
callout, described: SAV
callout-socket, --callout-socket mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
callout-url: conf-server
calloutd: calloutd
callout_close: SMTP Callout functions
callout_do: SMTP Callout functions
callout_open: SMTP Callout functions
callout_transcript: Debugging Functions
cancel_program_trace: Debugging Functions
case: Conditionals
case, switch statement: Conditionals
catch: Catch and Throw
catch arguments: Catch and Throw
catch scope: Catch and Throw
catch statement: Catch and Throw
catch, accessing variables from: Catch and Throw
catch, returning from: Catch and Throw
catch, standalone: Catch and Throw
cdb.mfl: Control database
cdb_check: Control database
cdb_greylist_interval: Control database
cdb_name: Control database
charset: Filters
charset: Filters
checking SPF host records: SPF Functions
check_host: SPF Functions
check_host function, introduced: SPF Functions
clamav: ClamAV
ClamAV: ClamAV
clamav_virus_name: Predefined variables
clamav_virus_name, global variable: ClamAV
client: pmult-client
client_addr, Sendmail macro: Sendmail
close: I/O functions
CNAME chains: conf-resolver
command: Configuring Preprocessor
command: conf-preprocessor
command line arguments, parsing in MFL: getopt
command line, mailfromd invocation syntax: Invocation
comments: Comments
compact, --compact mfdbtool option, introduced: Database Maintenance
compact, --compact mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
compaction, database: Database Maintenance
Con Tassios: Acknowledgments
Con Tassios greylisting type: Greylisting
concatenation: Concatenation
conditional statements: Conditionals
config: conf-resolver
config-file, --config-file calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
config-help, --config-help calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
config-lint, --config-lint calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
config-verbose, --config-verbose calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
configuring the preprocessor: Configuring Preprocessor
confMAPDEF, Sendmail macro: Building
confMILTER_MACROS_ENVFROM, mc file directive: Sendmail
connect: Handlers
connect, handler: Start Up
connect-timeout: pmult-client
connection: conf-timeout
const: Constants
constants, built-in: Built-in constants
constants, defining: Constants
constants, using in literals: Constants
constants, using in program text: Constants
continue: Actions
continue action, defined: Actions
continue action, introduced: Start Up
continue in ‘begin: begin/end
continue in ‘end: begin/end
CONTINUE_ACTION: action hook
controlling argument, getopt: getopt
copy: I/O functions
copy-octal: Filters
copy-pass: Filters
create_dsn: Mail Sending Functions
crlf: Filters
crlfdot: Filters
cross-reference: Testing Filter Scripts
ctype_mismatch, global variable: Character Type
current_header: Current Message Functions
current_header_count: Current Message Functions
current_header_nth_name: Current Message Functions
current_header_nth_value: Current Message Functions
current_message: Current Message Functions
customization, Emacs: Using MFL Mode
customization, MFL mode: Using MFL Mode

D, -D option, described: Preprocessor Usage
D, -D option, summary: Preprocessor Options
D, -D, mtasim option, summary: option summary
D, \D, a mtasim command: interactive mode
daemon, --daemon mailfromd option, summary: Operation Modifiers
daemon, --daemon, mtasim option, described: daemon mode
daemon, --daemon, mtasim option, summary: option summary
data: Handlers
data, handler: Start Up
database: conf-database
database: conf-database
database compaction: Database Maintenance
database formats: Database Formats
database maintenance: Database Maintenance
database, listing: Basic Database Operations
database-mode: conf-database
database-type: conf-database
databases used by mailfromd: Database Formats
dbbreak: Database functions
dbdel: Database functions
dbfirst: Database functions
dbget: Database functions
dbinsert: Database functions
dbkey: Database functions
DBM: Building
DBM implementation, default: conf-database
DBM scheme: conf-database
dbmap: Database functions
dbnext: Database functions
dbprop: dbprop
dbprop,: Database functions
dbprop, pragma: Database functions
dbput: Database functions
dbvalue: Database functions
db_expire_interval: Database functions
db_get_active: Database functions
db_name: Database functions
db_set_active: Database functions
dc: Character translation
dclex: User-defined Exceptions
debug: Debugging Functions
debug: conf-debug
debug: conf-calloutd-log
debug: pmult-debug
debug, --debug calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
debug, --debug mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
debug, --debug mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
debug, --debug mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
debug-level, --debug-level calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
debugging: Echo
debugging level: Logging and Debugging
debugging the filter script: Testing Filter Scripts
debugging, pmult: pmult-conf
debug_level: Debugging Functions
debug_spec: Debugging Functions
declaring milter state handler: Simplest Configurations
decode MIME: Message body functions
decode MIME: MIME functions
default: protocol-calloutd
default: conf-server
default communication port: Building
default communication socket: Building
default database type: conf-database
default exception handling: Catch and Throw
default expiration interval: Building
default syslog facility: Logging and Debugging
default user privileges: Building
default_callout_server_url: SMTP Callout functions
DEFAULT_EXPIRE_INTERVAL, configure variable: Building
DEFAULT_EXPIRE_RATES_INTERVAL, configure variable: Building
DEFAULT_SOCKET, configure variable: Building
DEFAULT_STATE_DIR, configure variable: Building
DEFAULT_SYSLOG_ASYNC, configure variable: Building
DEFAULT_SYSLOG_ASYNC, configure variable: 420-43x
DEFAULT_USER, configure variable: Building
define, --define mailfromd option, described: Preprocessor Usage
define, --define mailfromd option, summary: Preprocessor Options
define, --define, mtasim option, summary: option summary
define-macros: pmult-macros
defined: m4 macros
delete: Actions
delete action, defined: Actions
delete in ‘begin: begin/end
delete in ‘end: begin/end
delete, --delete mfdbtool option, introduced: Basic Database Operations
delete, --delete mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
dequote: String manipulation
dgettext: NLS Functions
diagnostics channel: Logging and Debugging
digest, message: Message digest functions
disabling cache: Database functions
discard: Actions
discard action, defined: Actions
discard action, introduced: Start Up
discard in ‘begin: begin/end
discard in ‘end: begin/end
DISCARD_ACTION: action hook
DKIM, defined: DKIM
dkim, module: DKIM
DKIM, setting up: Setting up a DKIM record
dkim_explanation: DKIM
dkim_explanation_code: DKIM
dkim_sendmail_commaize: DKIM
dkim_sign: DKIM
dkim_signing_algorithm: DKIM
dkim_verified_signature: DKIM
dkim_verified_signature_tag: DKIM
dkim_verify: DKIM
dlcall: Mfmod Interface
dlopen: Mfmod Interface
dngettext: NLS Functions
dns.mfl: dns_query
dns.mfl: Simplified DNS functions
dns_getaddr: Simplified DNS functions
dns_getname: Simplified DNS functions
dns_query: dns_query
dns_reply_count: dns_query
dns_reply_ip: dns_query
dns_reply_release: dns_query
dns_reply_string: dns_query
DNS_TYPE_A: dns_query
DNS_TYPE_MX: dns_query
DNS_TYPE_NS: dns_query
DNS_TYPE_PTR: dns_query
DNS_TYPE_TXT: dns_query
do loop: Loops
DomainKeys Identified Mail: DKIM
domainpart: String manipulation
dot: Filters
drop: protocol-calloutd
dump-code, --dump-code mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
dump-grammar-trace, --dump-grammar-trace mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
dump-lex-trace, --dump-lex-trace mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
dump-macros, --dump-macros mailfromd option, described: Sendmail
dump-macros, --dump-macros mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
dump-tree, --dump-tree mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
dump-xref, --dump-xref mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options

E, -E option, described: Preprocessor Usage
E, -E option, summary: Preprocessor Options
E, -E option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
E, \E, a mtasim command: expect commands
echo: Echo
echo, --echo mailfromd option, echo to stdout or file.: Testing Filter Scripts
echo, --echo mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
ehlo: protocol-calloutd
ehlo-domain: conf-callout
ehlo_domain: Predefined variables
elif: Conditionals
else: Conditionals
Emacs, MFL mode: Using MFL Mode
email.mfl: Email processing functions
EMAIL_COMMENTS: Email processing functions
EMAIL_DOMAIN: Email processing functions
EMAIL_LOCAL: Email processing functions
email_map: Email processing functions
EMAIL_MULTIPLE: Email processing functions
EMAIL_PERSONAL: Email processing functions
EMAIL_ROUTE: Email processing functions
email_valid: Email processing functions
enable: conf-preprocessor
enable: conf-database
enable-syslog-async, --enable-syslog-async, configure option: Building
enable-vrfy: conf-callout
Enabling MFL mode: Using MFL Mode
encapsulation boundaries, RFC 934: Message digest functions
end: begin/end
end’ and accept: begin/end
end’ and add: begin/end
end’ and continue: begin/end
end’ and delete: begin/end
end’ and discard: begin/end
end’ and reject: begin/end
end’ and replace: begin/end
end’ and return: begin/end
end’ and tempfail: begin/end
end’, handler restrictions: begin/end
end, special handler: Start Up
end, special handler: begin/end
enumeration: Constants
envfrom: Handlers
envfrom, handler: Start Up
envrcpt: Handlers
envrcpt, handler: Start Up
eoh: Handlers
eoh, handler: Start Up
eom: Handlers
eom, handler: Start Up
eom-timeout: pmult-client
equals sign (=), = operator: Relational expressions
escape: String manipulation
estimated time of sending, prediction of: Basic Database Operations
exception handler scope: Catch and Throw
exception handler, returning from: Catch and Throw
exception handlers: Catch and Throw
exception types: Exceptions
exception-handling routines: Catch and Throw
exceptions, default handling: Catch and Throw
exceptions, defined: Exceptions
exceptions, raising from code: Catch and Throw
exceptions, symbolic names: Exceptions
exclamation point (!), != operator: Relational expressions
expect mode, mtasim: expect commands
expire, --expire mfdbtool option, introduced: Database Maintenance
expire, --expire mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
expire-interval: conf-database
expire-interval, --expire-interval mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
explicit type casts: Type casting
expressions: Expressions
e_badmmq: Built-in Exceptions
e_dbfailure: Built-in Exceptions
e_divzero: Built-in Exceptions
e_eof: Built-in Exceptions
e_exists: Built-in Exceptions
e_failure: Built-in Exceptions
e_format: Built-in Exceptions
e_ilseq: Built-in Exceptions
e_inval: Built-in Exceptions
e_invcidr: Built-in Exceptions
e_invip: Built-in Exceptions
e_invtime: Built-in Exceptions
e_io: Built-in Exceptions
e_macroundef: Built-in Exceptions
e_not_found: Built-in Exceptions
e_range: Built-in Exceptions
e_regcomp: Built-in Exceptions
e_ston_conv: Built-in Exceptions
e_success: Built-in Exceptions
e_temp_failure: Built-in Exceptions
e_too_many: Built-in Exceptions
e_url: Built-in Exceptions

f, Sendmail macro: Sendmail
Fail, SPF result code: SPF Functions
FAMILY_INET6: Handlers
fatal runtime errors: Runtime errors
FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: Copying This Manual
fd_delimiter: I/O functions
fd_set_delimiter: I/O functions
fi: Conditionals
file: conf-database
file, --file mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
filter pipe: Filters
filter script, debugging: Testing Filter Scripts
filter script, described: Start Up
filter script, running in test mode: Testing Filter Scripts
filter_fd: Filtering functions
filter_string: Filtering functions
Finding function definition: Using MFL Mode
fnmatches: Special comparisons
for loop: Loops
foreground, --foreground calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
foreground, --foreground mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
format, --format mfdbtool option, introduced: Basic Database Operations
format, --format mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
format, --format mfdbtool option, using with --list: Basic Database Operations
from: import
from: Filters
from: Polling
from … import: import
fromrd: Filters
func statement, function definition: Functions
function arguments, counting: Functions
function arguments, getting the number of: Functions
function calls: Functions and Modules
function definition, syntax of: Functions
function returning void: Functions
function, defined: Functions and Modules
F_OK: System functions

g, -g, mtasim option, summary: option summary
g, transform flag: String transformation
gacopyz-log, --gacopyz-log mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
gacopyz-log, --gacopyz-log, mtasim option, summary: option summary
GDBM: Building
GeoIP2: Geolocation functions
geoip2_dbname: Geolocation functions
geoip2_get: Geolocation functions
geoip2_get_json: Geolocation functions
geoip2_open: Geolocation functions
geolocation: Geolocation functions
get: protocol-calloutd
getbufsize(number: I/O functions
getbuftype(number: I/O functions
getdelim: I/O functions
getdomainname: System functions
getenv: System functions
gethostname: System functions
getline: I/O functions
getmacro: Macro access
getmx: Simplified DNS functions
getns: Simplified DNS functions
getopt: getopt
getpwnam: Passwd functions
getpwuid: Passwd functions
gettext: NLS Functions
getting cache status: Database functions
global cleanup handler: startup/shutdown
global startup handler: startup/shutdown
globbing patterns: Special comparisons
GNU Emacs, MFL mode: Using MFL Mode
GNU Readline: interactive mode
greylist: greylist
greylist: Greylisting functions
greylist database: Database Formats
greylisting types: Greylisting
greylisting, Con Tassios type: Greylisting
greylisting, traditional: Greylisting
greylist_seconds_left: Predefined variables
greylist_seconds_left, global variable: Greylisting functions
greylist_seconds_left, global variable, introduced: Greylisting
group: conf-priv
group, --group calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
group, --group mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
group, --group, mtasim option, described: interactive mode
group, --group, mtasim option, summary: option summary
groups: Starting and Stopping
growth policy, stack: stacksize

handler arguments: Handlers
handler declaration: Simplest Configurations
handler, defined: Handlers
handler, described: Start Up
handler, global cleanup: startup/shutdown
handler, global startup: startup/shutdown
handler, session cleanup: begin/end
handler, session initialization: begin/end
handler, session startup: begin/end
handshake-timeout: conf-callout
hard STMP timeout: SMTP Timeouts
hasmx: Simplified DNS functions
hasmx, definition of the function: Catch and Throw
hasns: Simplified DNS functions
header: Handlers
header: Filters
header manipulation actions: Actions
header modification: Header modification functions
header, handler: Start Up
header_add: Header modification functions
header_add: Header modification functions
header_delete: Header modification functions
header_insert: Header modification functions
header_prefix_all: Header modification functions
header_prefix_pattern: Header modification functions
header_rename: Header modification functions
header_rename.mfl: Header modification functions
header_rename.mfl: Header modification functions
header_rename.mfl: Header modification functions
header_replace: Header modification functions
Heap overrun; increase #pragma stacksize’, runtime error: Runtime errors
helo: Handlers
helo: conf-timeout
helo, handler: Start Up
heloarg_test: Special test functions
heloarg_test.mfl: Special test functions
help, --help calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
HELP, mtasim statement: interactive mode
here document: Here Documents
host: protocol-calloutd
hostfirst: protocol-calloutd
hostname: Simplified DNS functions
hostonly: protocol-calloutd
htonl: Internet address manipulation functions
htons: Internet address manipulation functions

i, Sendmail macro: Sendmail
i, Sendmail macro in MeTA1: pmult-macros
i, Sendmail macro in Postfix: Postfix
i, transform flag: String transformation
i18n: NLS Functions
iconv: Filters
id: conf-server
id: conf-calloutd-server
if: Conditionals
ignore-failed-reads, --ignore-failed-reads mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
implicit type casts: Type casting
import: import
importing from modules: import
include search path, introduced: include
include-path: conf-base
include-path, --include-path mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
include_once: include
including files: include
indentation, MFL, default: Using MFL Mode
index: String manipulation
index: String manipulation
inet_aton: Internet address manipulation functions
inet_ntoa: Internet address manipulation functions
infinite loop: Loops
initial-response: conf-timeout
inline-comment: Filters
inline-comment: Filters
INPUT_MAIL_FILTER, mc file directive: Sendmail
internationalization: NLS Functions
interval: String manipulation
Invalid back-reference number’, runtime error: Runtime errors
Invalid exception number’, runtime error: Runtime errors
invocation: Invocation
io-timeout: conf-timeout
io_buffering: I/O functions
io_buffer_size: I/O functions
isalnum: Character Type
isalpha: Character Type
isascii: Character Type
isblank: Character Type
iscntrl: Character Type
isdigit: Character Type
isgraph: Character Type
islower: Character Type
ismx: Simplified DNS functions
isprint: Character Type
ispunct: Character Type
isspace: Character Type
isupper: Character Type
isxdigit: Character Type
is_greylisted: Greylisting functions
is_ip: 8170-9000
is_ip.mfl: 8170-9000
is_ip4str(string: Internet address manipulation functions
is_ip6str(string: Internet address manipulation functions
is_ipstr(string: Internet address manipulation functions

Jan Rafaj: Acknowledgments
Jeff Ballard: Acknowledgments
John McEleney: Acknowledgments

keywords: Reserved Words

L, \L, a mtasim command: interactive mode
l10n: NLS Functions
last_poll_greeting: Predefined variables
last_poll_helo: Predefined variables
last_poll_host: Predefined variables
last_poll_host, global variable, introduced: Compatibility Callout functions
last_poll_recv: Predefined variables
last_poll_recv, global variable, introduced: Compatibility Callout functions
last_poll_sent: Predefined variables
last_poll_sent, global variable, introduced: Compatibility Callout functions
left angle bracket (<), < operator: Relational expressions
left angle bracket (<), <= operator: Relational expressions
length: String manipulation
len_to_netmask: Internet address manipulation functions
libmaxminddb: Geolocation functions
library and built-in functions, introduced: Functions and Modules
line, #line statement: line
linecon: Filters
linecon: Filters
linelen: Filters
lint mode: Testing Filter Scripts
lint, --lint mailfromd option, introduced: Testing Filter Scripts
lint, --lint mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
list, --list mfdbtool option, described: Basic Database Operations
list, --list mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
listen: conf-server
listen: conf-calloutd-server
listen: pmult-conf
listens: Special test functions
listing a database contents: Basic Database Operations
literal concatenation: Concatenation
literals: Literals
local state directory: Building
local variables: Functions
localdomain: System functions
localdomain.mfl: System functions
localization: NLS Functions
localpart: String manipulation
location-column, --location-column mailfromd option, described: Testing Filter Scripts
location-column, --location-column mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
log-facility, --log-facility calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
log-facility, --log-facility mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
log-facility, --log-facility mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
log-level: pmult-client
log-tag, --log-tag calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
log-tag, --log-tag mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
log-tag, --log-tag mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
logger: conf-debug
logger: conf-calloutd-log
logger, --logger calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
logger, --logger mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
logger, --logger mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
loop: Loops
loop body: Loops
loop statement: Loops
loop, do-style: Loops
loop, for-style: Loops
loop, infinite: Loops
loop, while-style: Loops
ltrim: String manipulation

m4: Preprocessor
macro expansion: Literals
macros, MeTA1: pmult-macros
macros, referencing: Sendmail Macros
macro_defined: Macro access
mail: conf-timeout
mail filtering language: MFL
mail sending rate, explained: Rate Limit
Mail Transfer Agent (MTA): Start Up
mail-from-address: conf-callout
mailbox functions: Mailbox functions
mailbox_append_message: Mailbox functions
mailbox_close: Mailbox functions
mailbox_get_message: Mailbox functions
mailbox_messages_count: Mailbox functions
mailbox_open: Mailbox functions
mailer URL: Mail Sending Functions
mailer, --mailer mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
mailfrom: protocol-calloutd
mailfromd, building: Building
mailfrom_address: Predefined variables
mailutils: Building
mailutils_set_debug_level: Debugging Functions
main, MFL function: Run Mode
maintenance, database: Database Maintenance
mappwnam: Passwd functions
mappwuid: Passwd functions
matches: Special comparisons
match_cidr: Internet address manipulation functions
match_cidr.mfl: 8170-9000
match_dnsbl: Blacklisting Functions
match_dnsbl, definition: Some Useful Functions
match_dnsbl.mfl: Blacklisting Functions
match_rhsbl: Blacklisting Functions
match_rhsbl.mfl: Blacklisting Functions
max-cname-chain: conf-resolver
max-instances: conf-server
max-instances: conf-calloutd-server
max-mfmods: conf-runtime
max-open-mailboxes: conf-runtime
max-open-messages: conf-runtime
max-pmilter-fd: pmult-conf
max-streams: conf-runtime
max-threads-hard: pmult-conf
max-threads-soft: pmult-conf
MaxRecipientsPerMessage, sendmail option: Controlling Number of Recipients
memory chunk too big to fit into heap’, runtime error: Runtime errors
message digest: Message digest functions
message functions: Message functions
message modification queue: Message modification queue
Message-ID, exporting: Logging and Debugging
Message-ID, exporting in mc file: Sendmail
Message-ID, using in mailfromd logs: Logging and Debugging
message_body_decode: MIME functions
message_body_is_empty: Message functions
message_body_lines: Message body functions
message_body_rewind: Message body functions
message_body_size: Message body functions
message_body_to_stream: Message body functions
message_burst: Message digest functions
message_close: Message functions
message_content_type: MIME functions
message_count_parts: MIME functions
message_find_header: Header functions
message_from_stream: Message functions
message_get_part: MIME functions
message_has_header: Header functions
message_header_count: Header functions
message_header_decode: Mail header functions
message_header_encode: Mail header functions
message_header_lines: Header functions
message_header_size: Header functions
message_is_multipart: MIME functions
message_lines: Message functions
message_nth_header_name: Header functions
message_nth_header_value: Header functions
message_part_decode(number: MIME functions
message_read_body_line: Message body functions
message_read_line: Message functions
message_rewind: Message functions
message_size: Message functions
message_to_stream: Message functions
meta1: MeTA1
meta1 macros: pmult-macros
mfdbtool: Basic Database Operations
mfdbtool: mfdbtool
MFL mode,: Using MFL Mode
MFL mode, enabling: Using MFL Mode
MFL mode, GNU Emacs: Using MFL Mode
mfl-basic-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfl-case-line-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfl-comment-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfl-include-path: Using MFL Mode
mfl-loop-continuation-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfl-loop-statement-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfl-mailfromd-command: Using MFL Mode
mfl-mode.el: Using MFL Mode
mfl-returns-offset: Using MFL Mode
mfmod: mfmod
mfmod, interface module: Interface Module
mfmod, loadable library: Loadable Library
mfmod-path: conf-runtime
mfmod.h: Loadable Library
mfmod.m4: mfmodnew
mfmodnew: mfmodnew
mfmod_data_type_str(mfmod_data_type: Loadable Library
mfmod_error: Loadable Library
mfmod_error_argtype: Loadable Library
mfmod_message: Loadable Library
mfmod_number: Loadable Library
MFMOD_PARAM: Loadable Library
mfmod_string: Loadable Library
MF_SIEVE_FILE: Sieve Interface
MF_SIEVE_LOG: Sieve Interface
MF_SIEVE_TEXT: Sieve Interface
milter abort: rset
milter stage handler arguments: Handlers
milter stage handler, defined: Handlers
milter state handler, declaring: Simplest Configurations
milter state handler, described: Start Up
milter-actions, --milter-actions, mtasim option, summary: option summary
milter-proto, --milter-proto, mtasim option, summary: option summary
milter-socket, --milter-socket mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
milter-timeout: conf-milter
milter-timeout, --milter-timeout mailfromd option, summary: Timeout Control
milter-timeout, --milter-timeout, mtasim option, summary: option summary
milter-version, --milter-version, mtasim option, summary: option summary
milter.mfl: Predefined variables
miltermacros: miltermacros
milter_action: Predefined variables
milter_action_name: Informative Functions
milter_action_name: Informative Functions
milter_client_address: Predefined variables
milter_client_family: Predefined variables
milter_server_address: Predefined variables
milter_server_family: Predefined variables
milter_server_id: Predefined variables
milter_state: Predefined variables
milter_state_begin: Predefined variables
milter_state_body: Predefined variables
milter_state_code: Informative Functions
milter_state_connect: Predefined variables
milter_state_data: Predefined variables
milter_state_end: Predefined variables
milter_state_envfrom: Predefined variables
milter_state_envrcpt: Predefined variables
milter_state_eoh: Predefined variables
milter_state_eom: Predefined variables
milter_state_header: Predefined variables
milter_state_helo: Predefined variables
milter_state_name: Informative Functions
milter_state_none: Predefined variables
milter_state_shutdown: Predefined variables
milter_state_startup: Predefined variables
MIME, decoding: Message body functions
MIME, decoding: MIME functions
mime.mfl: MIME functions
mimedecode: Message body functions
mimedecode: MIME functions
mimedecode: Filters
mmq_purge: Message modification queue
mode: protocol-calloutd
module: module structure
module declaration: module structure
module search path: import
module, defined: Functions and Modules
module, defined: Modules
module-path: conf-base
module-path, --module-path mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
MTA: Start Up
mtasim: mtasim
mtasim administrative commands: interactive mode
mtasim auto mode: interactive mode
mtasim daemon mode: daemon mode
mtasim expect mode: expect commands
mtasim, --mtasim mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
mtasim, declare sender socket: interactive mode
mtasim, defining Sendmail macros: interactive mode
mtasim, introduced: Testing Filter Scripts
mtasim, listing Sendmail macros: interactive mode
mtasim, undefining Sendmail macros: interactive mode
mtasim, using in shell scripts: expect commands
multiline strings: Here Documents
multiple sender addresses: Predefined variables
multiple sender addresses, using with polling commands.: Compatibility Callout functions
mx fnmatches: Special comparisons
mx matches: Special comparisons
mxfirst: protocol-calloutd
mxonly: protocol-calloutd

Nacho González López: Acknowledgments
name clashes: Shadowing
National Language Support: NLS Functions
Navigating through function definitions: Using MFL Mode
negative expiration period, defined: Database Formats
negative-expire-interval: conf-database
netmask_to_len: Internet address manipulation functions
Neutral, SPF result code: SPF Functions
never: conf-callout
never: protocol-calloutd
next: Loops
next statement: Loops
ngettext: NLS Functions
NLS: NLS Functions
nls.mfl: NLS Functions
No previous regular expression’, runtime error: Runtime errors
no-interactive, --no-interactive, mtasim option, summary: option summary
no-preprocessor, --no-preprocessor mailfromd option, summary: Preprocessor Options
no-preprocessor, --no-preprocessor mailfromd option, usage: Preprocessor Usage
no-site-config, --no-site-config calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
non-blocking syslog: Logging and Debugging
none: Filters
None, SPF result code: SPF Functions
non_smtpd_milters, postfix configuration: Postfix
not: Boolean expressions
Not enough memory’, runtime error: Runtime errors
ntohl: Internet address manipulation functions
ntohs: Internet address manipulation functions
number of actual arguments: Functions
N_: m4 macros

OLD_EXCEPTION_CODES, preprocessor symbol: 43x-440
on statement: Polling
ondemand: conf-callout
ondemand: protocol-calloutd
open: I/O functions
operator associativity: Precedence
operator precedence, defined: Precedence
optarg: getopt
opterr: getopt
optimize, --optimize mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
optind: getopt
option: conf-server
optional arguments to a function: Functions
optional arguments, checking if supplied: Functions
optopt: getopt
or: Boolean expressions
Out of stack space; increase #pragma stacksize’, runtime error: Runtime errors
overriding initial variable values: Testing Filter Scripts

parsing command line arguments: getopt
pass: Pass
Pass, SPF result code: SPF Functions
pass-defines: Configuring Preprocessor
pass-defines: conf-preprocessor
pass-includes: Configuring Preprocessor
pass-includes: conf-preprocessor
passing variable arguments on to another function: Functions
pc out of range’, runtime error: Runtime errors
Peter Markeloff: Acknowledgments
Phil Miller: Acknowledgments
pidfile: conf-base
pidfile: conf-calloutd-setup
pidfile: pmult-conf
pidfile: Starting and Stopping
pidfile, --pidfile calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
pidfile, --pidfile mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
pies: pmult
pipe: Filters
pmilter-debug: pmult-debug
pmult: pmult
pmult debugging: pmult-conf
pmult, described: pmult
poll command, standard verification: Polling
poll command, strict verification: Polling
poll keyword: Polling
poll statement, defined: Polling
poll.mfl: Compatibility Callout functions
port, --port mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
port, --port, mtasim option, described: interactive mode
port, --port, mtasim option, summary: option summary
portprobe: Special test functions
portprobe.mfl: Special test functions
positive expiration period, defined: Database Formats
positive-expire-interval: conf-database
Postfix: Postfix
postfix-macros.sed: Postfix
pp-setup: Preprocessor
pragmatic comments: Pragmas
precedence, operators: Precedence
precious: rset
precious: Variables
precious variables: rset
predefined variables: Predefined variables
predict, --predict mfdbtool option, introduced: Basic Database Operations
predict, --predict mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
preprocessor: conf-preprocessor
preprocessor: Preprocessor
preprocessor configuration: Configuring Preprocessor
preprocessor setup file: Preprocessor
preprocessor, --preprocessor mailfromd option, summary: Preprocessor Options
preprocessor, --preprocessor mailfromd option, usage: Preprocessor Usage
preprocessor.command: Configuring Preprocessor
preprocessor.pass-defines: Configuring Preprocessor
preprocessor.pass-includes: Configuring Preprocessor
preprocessor.setup-file: Configuring Preprocessor
primitive_hasmx: Simplified DNS functions
primitive_hasns: Simplified DNS functions
primitive_hostname: Simplified DNS functions
primitive_ismx: Simplified DNS functions
primitive_resolve: Simplified DNS functions
printf: m4 macros
probe message: SAV
procedures: Functions
prog: Handlers
program_trace: Debugging Functions
progress: EOM Functions
prompt, --prompt, mtasim option, summary: option summary
ptr_validate: Simplified DNS functions
public: Variables
public: Functions

Q: Filters
qr: String transformation
qualifier, function declaration: Functions
qualifiers, variable declaration: Variables
quarantine: Quarantine functions
quit: conf-timeout
quit: protocol-calloutd
quoted-printable: Filters

raising exceptions: Catch and Throw
rate: Rate limiting functions
rate database: Database Formats
rateok: Rate limiting functions
rateok.mfl: Rate limiting functions
rc.mailfromd: Starting and Stopping
rcpt: conf-timeout
rcpt_add: Envelope modification functions
rcpt_count: Predefined variables
rcpt_delete: Envelope modification functions
read: I/O functions
read-timeout: pmult-client
readline: interactive mode
regex: regex
regular expression matching: Special comparisons
reject: Actions
reject action, defined: Actions
reject action, introduced: Start Up
reject in ‘begin: begin/end
reject in ‘end: begin/end
reject messages, marking cached rejects: Predefined variables
REJECT_ACTION: action hook
relayed: Database functions
relayed-domain-file: conf-base
relayed-domain-file, --relayed-domain-file mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
replace: Actions
replace action, defined: Actions
replace in ‘begin: begin/end
replace in ‘end: begin/end
replbody: Body Modification Functions
replbody_fd: Body Modification Functions
replstr: String manipulation
require: Functions and Modules
require: import
requiring modules: import
reserved words: Reserved Words
resolv-conf-file, --resolv-conf-file calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
resolv-conf-file, --resolv-conf-file mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
resolve: Simplified DNS functions
resolver: conf-resolver
RESOLVE_DFL: dns_query
RESOLVE_DFL: Simplified DNS functions
RESOLVE_IP4: dns_query
RESOLVE_IP4: Simplified DNS functions
RESOLVE_IP6: dns_query
RESOLVE_IP6: Simplified DNS functions
RESOLVE_NONE: dns_query
return in ‘begin: begin/end
return in ‘end: begin/end
return statement, defined: Functions
returning from a catch: Catch and Throw
returning from an exception handler: Catch and Throw
returns statement, function definition: Functions
reuseaddr: conf-server
reuseaddr: conf-calloutd-server
reverse_ipstr(string: Internet address manipulation functions
revip: 8170-9000
revip, definition of: Some Useful Functions
revip.mfl: 8170-9000
revstr: String manipulation
rewind: I/O functions
rfc822: Filters
right angle bracket (>), > operator: Relational expressions
right angle bracket (>), >= operator: Relational expressions
rindex: String manipulation
rindex: String manipulation
RSET: rset
rset: conf-timeout
rtrim: String manipulation
run: protocol-calloutd
run mode: Run Mode
run, --run mailfromd option, described: Run Mode
run, --run mailfromd option, summary: Operation Modifiers
runtime: conf-runtime
runtime error: Runtime errors
runtime errors, fatal: Runtime errors
runtime errors, tracing: Runtime errors
R_OK: System functions

s, Sendmail macro: HELO Domain
s, Sendmail macro: Sendmail
S, \S, a mtasim command: interactive mode
s-expression: String transformation
sa: SpamAssassin
sa.mfl: String manipulation
safedb.mfl: Database functions
safedbdel: Database functions
safedbget: Database functions
safedbmap: Database functions
safedbput: Database functions
safedb_verbose: Predefined variables
safedb_verbose: Database functions
sa_code: Predefined variables
SA_FORGET: SpamAssassin
sa_format_report_header: String manipulation
sa_format_score: String manipulation
sa_keywords: Predefined variables
sa_keywords, global variable: SpamAssassin
SA_LEARN_HAM: SpamAssassin
SA_LEARN_SPAM: SpamAssassin
SA_REPORT: SpamAssassin
sa_score, global variable: SpamAssassin
SA_SYMBOLS: SpamAssassin
sa_threshold: Predefined variables
sa_threshold, global variable: SpamAssassin
scope of a catch: Catch and Throw
scope of exception handlers: Catch and Throw
scope of visibility: scope of visibility
scope of visibility, functions: Functions
scope of visibility, variables: Variables
script file checking: Testing Filter Scripts
script-file: conf-base
scripting, parsing command line arguments: getopt
sed: String transformation
selecting syslog facility: Logging and Debugging
sender address verification, described: SAV
sender address verification, limitations: Limitations
Sender Policy Framework: SPF
Sender Policy Framework, defined: SPF Functions
sender verification, writing tests: Polling
sender-socket, --sender-socket, mtasim option, summary: option summary
sending rate, explained: Rate Limit
Sendmail macros, exporting: Sendmail
Sendmail macros, referencing: Sendmail Macros
sendmail macros, setting from the command line: Testing Filter Scripts
send_dsn: Mail Sending Functions
send_mail: Mail Sending Functions
send_message: Mail Sending Functions
send_text: Mail Sending Functions
Sergey Afonin: Acknowledgments
server: conf-server
server: conf-calloutd-server
server, callout: SMTP Timeouts
session cleanup handler: begin/end
session startup handler: begin/end
set: Variables
set: Assignments
set, --set calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
setbuf(number: I/O functions
setup-file: Configuring Preprocessor
setup-file: conf-preprocessor
setvar: conf-base
set_from: Envelope modification functions
shadowing, constant–constant: Shadowing
shadowing, defined: Shadowing
shadowing, variable: Shadowing
shadowing, variable–constant: Shadowing
show-config-options, --show-config-options calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
show-defaults, --show-defaults mailfromd option, introduced: Databases
show-defaults, --show-defaults mailfromd option, summary: Informational Options
shutdown: startup/shutdown
shutdown: I/O functions
shutdown, special handler: startup/shutdown
SHUT_RD: I/O functions
SHUT_RDWR: I/O functions
SHUT_WR: I/O functions
sid: protocol-calloutd
sieve: Sieve Interface
Sieve: Sieve Interface
sieve.mfl: Sieve Interface
SIGHUP: Starting and Stopping
SIGINT: Starting and Stopping
signals: Starting and Stopping
SIGQUIT: Starting and Stopping
SIGTERM: Starting and Stopping
Simon Christian: Acknowledgments
Simon Kelley: Building
single-process: conf-server
single-process: conf-calloutd-server
single-process, --single-process calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
single-process, --single-process mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
site-start.el: Using MFL Mode
sleep: System functions
smtp-starttls: conf-callout
smtp-timeout: conf-timeout
smtp-timeout: conf-timeout
smtpd_milters, postfix configuration: Postfix
socket map: Sockmaps
sockmap.mfl: Sockmaps
sockmap_lookup: Sockmaps
sockmap_single_lookup: Sockmaps
soft SMTP timeout: SMTP Timeouts
SoftFail, SPF result code: SPF Functions
source-info, --source-info calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
source-info, --source-info mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
source-ip: conf-base
source-ip: conf-calloutd-setup
source-ip, --source-ip calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
source-ip, --source-ip calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
source-ip, --source-ip mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
SpamAssassin: SpamAssassin
spamc: SpamAssassin
spamd: SpamAssassin
spawn: I/O functions
SPF, checking host record: SPF Functions
SPF, defined: SPF Functions
spf.mfl: SPF Functions
spf_check_host: SPF Functions
spf_explanation: SPF Functions
spf_explanation_prefix: SPF Functions
spf_mechanism: SPF Functions
spf_status_string: SPF Functions
spf_test_record: SPF Functions
sprintf: String formatting
sq: Character translation
ssl-ca-file: conf-callout
ssl-certificate-file: conf-callout
ssl-key-file: conf-callout
ssl-priorities: conf-callout
stack growth policy: stacksize
stack traces, reading: Runtime errors
Stack underflow’, runtime error: Runtime errors
stack-trace: conf-debug
stack-trace, --stack-trace mailfromd option, explained: Runtime errors
stack-trace, --stack-trace mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
stacksize: stacksize
stack_trace: Debugging Functions
stack_trace function, introduced: Runtime errors
stage handler arguments: Handlers
stage handler, defined: Handlers
standalone catch: Catch and Throw
standard address verification: SAV
standard error, using for diagnostics output: Logging and Debugging
standard verification with poll: Polling
starttls: protocol-calloutd
STARTTLS in SMTP callout sessions: conf-callout
startup: startup/shutdown
startup: Starting and Stopping
startup, special handler: startup/shutdown
state handler, declaring: Simplest Configurations
state-directory: conf-base
state-directory: conf-calloutd-setup
state-directory, --state-directory calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
state-directory, --state-directory mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
state-directory, --state-directory mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
statedir, --statedir, mtasim option, described: interactive mode
statedir, --statedir, mtasim option, summary: option summary
statements: Statements
statements, conditional: Conditionals
static: Variables
static: Functions
status.mfl: Exceptions
status.mfl: Built-in Exceptions
status.mfl: dns_query
status.mfl, module: Exceptions
stderr, --stderr calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
stderr, --stderr mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
stdio, --stdio, mtasim option, summary: option summary
stdpoll: Compatibility Callout functions
strftime: System functions
strftime: System functions
strict address verification: SAV
strict verification with poll: Polling
strictpoll: Compatibility Callout functions
string_list_iterate: m4 macros
strip_domain_part: String manipulation
strip_domain_part, definition of: Some Useful Functions
strip_domain_part.mfl: String manipulation
substr: String manipulation
substr: String manipulation
substring: String manipulation
supplementary groups: Starting and Stopping
switch: Conditionals
switch statement: Conditionals
syntax check: Testing Filter Scripts
syntax-check, --syntax-check mailfromd option, introduced: Testing Filter Scripts
syntax-check, --syntax-check mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
syslog: Syslog Interface
syslog facility, default: Logging and Debugging
syslog facility, selecting: Logging and Debugging
syslog tag: Logging and Debugging
syslog, --syslog calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
syslog, --syslog mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
syslog, asynchronous: Logging and Debugging
syslog, default implementation: Logging and Debugging
syslog, non-blocking: Building
syslog, non-blocking: Logging and Debugging
syslog, using for diagnostics output: Logging and Debugging
syslog.mfl: Syslog Interface
system: System functions
system-wide startup script: Starting and Stopping

tbf database: Database Formats
tbf_rate: Rate limiting functions
tempfail: Actions
tempfail action, defined: Actions
tempfail action, introduced: Start Up
tempfail in ‘begin: begin/end
tempfail in ‘end: begin/end
TEMPFAIL_ACTION: action hook
tempfile: I/O functions
test, --test mailfromd option, introduced: Testing Filter Scripts
test, --test mailfromd option, specifying handler name: Testing Filter Scripts
test, --test mailfromd option, summary: Operation Modifiers
Texinfo: Conventions
textdomain: NLS Functions
Thomas Lynch: Acknowledgments
throw: Catch and Throw
time: System functions
time formats, for --time-format option: Time and Date Formats
Time Interval Specification: conf-types
time-format, --time-format mfdbtool option, summary: Invoking mfdbtool
timeout: protocol-calloutd
timeout escalation: SMTP Timeouts
tls: conf-callout
TLS support: conf-callout
tolower: String manipulation
toupper: String manipulation
tr: Character translation
trace file, mtasim: traces
trace, --trace mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
trace, --trace mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
trace-actions: conf-debug
trace-file, --trace-file, mtasim option, described: traces
trace-file, --trace-file, mtasim option, summary: option summary
trace-program: conf-debug
trace-program, --trace-program mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
transcript: conf-debug
transcript: conf-calloutd-log
transcript, --transcript calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
transcript, --transcript mailfromd option, introduced: Logging and Debugging
transcript, --transcript mailfromd option, output example: Logging and Debugging
transcript, --transcript mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
try statement: Catch and Throw
try–catch construct: Catch and Throw
trying several sender addresses: Compatibility Callout functions
type: pmult-client
type casts, explicit: Type casting
type casts, implicit: Type casting

U, -U option, described: Preprocessor Usage
U, -U option, summary: Preprocessor Options
u, -u, mtasim option, summary: option summary
U, \U, a mtasim command: interactive mode
umask: System functions
uname: System functions
undefine, --undefine mailfromd option, described: Preprocessor Usage
undefine, --undefine mailfromd option, summary: Preprocessor Options
unescape: String manipulation
unescape: String manipulation
unfold: Mail header functions
unlink: System functions
upgrading from 1.x to 2.x: 1x-2x
upgrading from 2.x to 3.0.x: 2x-30x
upgrading from 3.0.x to 3.1: 30x-31x
upgrading from 3.1.x to 4.0: 31x-400
Upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1: 400-410
Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2: 410-420
Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.3.x: 420-43x
Upgrading from 4.3.x to 4.4: 43x-440
Upgrading from 4.4 to 5.0: 440-500
Upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1: 500-510
Upgrading from 5.x to 6.0: 5x0-600
Upgrading from 6.0 to 7.0: 600-700
Upgrading from 7.0 to 8.0: 700-800
Upgrading from 8.13 to 8.14: 8130-8140
Upgrading from 8.14 to 8.15: 8140-8150
Upgrading from 8.17 to 9.00: 8170-9000
Upgrading from 8.2 to 8.3: 820-830
Upgrading from 8.2 to 8.4: 820-830
Upgrading from 8.5 to 8.6: 850-860
Upgrading from 8.7 to 8.8: 870-880
url: pmult-client
URL, mailer: Mail Sending Functions
usage, --usage calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
user: conf-priv
user privileges: Starting and Stopping
user, --user calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
user, --user mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
user, --user, mtasim option, described: interactive mode
user, --user, mtasim option, summary: option summary

v, -v, mtasim option, summary: option summary
validuser: Special test functions
valid_domain: Special test functions
valid_domain, definition: Some Useful Functions
valid_domain.mfl: Special test functions
vaptr: getopt
variable assignment: HELO Domain
variable assignment: Variables
variable assignment: Assignments
variable declaration: HELO Domain
variable declarations: Variables
variable interpretation: Literals
variable lexical scope: Variables
variable number of arguments: Functions
variable shadowing: Shadowing
variable values, setting from the command line: Testing Filter Scripts
variable, --variable mailfromd option, introduced: Testing Filter Scripts
variable, --variable mailfromd option, summary: General Settings
variable, assigning a value: Variables
variable, precious: rset
variables, accessing from catch: Catch and Throw
variables, automatic: Functions
variables, declaring: Variables
variables, defined: Variables
variables, introduced: HELO Domain
variables, local: Functions
variables, precious: Variables
variables, predefined: Predefined variables
variables, referencing: Variables
variadic function: Functions
verbose, --verbose, mtasim option, summary: option summary
verbosity level: Logging and Debugging
vercmp: String manipulation
Verifying script syntax: Using MFL Mode
verp_extract_user: String manipulation
version, --version calloutd option, summary: invocation-calloutd
void: Type casting
void: Interface Module
void functions: Functions
vrfy: protocol-calloutd
VRFY, SMTP statement: conf-callout

when keyword: Polling
while: Loops
while loop: Loops
whitelisting: Greylisting
WITH_GEOIP2: Geolocation functions
WITH_GEOIP2: Geolocation functions
write: I/O functions
write-timeout: pmult-client
write_body: I/O functions
W_OK: System functions

X, -X, mtasim option, summary: option summary
x, transform flag: String transformation
XML: Filters
xref, --xref mailfromd option, summary: Logging and Debugging Options
X_OK: System functions

Zeus Panchenko: Acknowledgments

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