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Many people need to be thanked for their assistance in developing and debugging mailfromd. After S. C. Johnson, I can say that this program “owes much to a most stimulating collection of users, who have goaded me beyond my inclination, and frequently beyond my ability in their endless search for "one more feature". Their irritating unwillingness to learn how to do things my way has usually led to my doing things their way; most of the time, they have been right.

A real test for a program like mailfromd cannot be done but in conditions of production environment. A decision to try it in these conditions is by no means an easy one, it requires courage and good faith in the intentions and abilities of the author. To begin with, I would like to thank my contributors for these virtues.

Jan Rafaj has intrepidly been using mailfromd since its early releases and invested lots of efforts in improving the program and its documentation. He is the author of many of the MFL library functions, shipped with the package. Some of his ideas are still waiting in my implementation queue, while new ones are consistently arriving.

Peter Markeloff patiently tested every mailfromd release and helped discover and fix many bugs.

Zeus Panchenko contributed many ideas and gave lots of helpful comments. He offered invaluable help in debugging and testing mailfromd on FreeBSD platform.

Sergey Afonin proposed many improvements and new ideas. He also invested a lot of his time in finding bugs and testing bugfixes.

John McEleney and Ben McKeegan contributed the token bucket filter implementation (see TBF).

Con Tassios helped to find and fix various bugs and contributed the new implementation of the greylist function (see greylisting types).

The following people (in alphabetical order) provided bug reports and helpful comments for various versions of the program: Alan Dobkin, Brent Spencer, Jeff Ballard, Nacho González López, Phil Miller, Simon Christian, Thomas Lynch.

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