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3.14 Local Account Verification

In your filter script you may need to verify if the given user name is served by your mail server, in other words, to verify if it represents a local account. Notice that in this context, the word local does not necessarily mean that the account is local for the server running mailfromd, it simply means any account whose mailbox is served by the mail servers using mailfromd.

The validuser function may be used for this purpose. It takes one argument, the user name, and returns true if this name corresponds to a local account. To verify this, the function relies on libmuauth, a powerful authentication library shipped with GNU mailutils. More precisely, it invokes a list of authorization functions. Each function is responsible for looking up the user name in a particular source of information, such as system passwd database, an SQL database, etc. The search is terminated when one of the functions finds the name in question or the list is exhausted. In the former case, the account is local, in the latter it is not. This concept is discussed in detail in see Authorization and Authentication Principles in GNU Mailutils Manual). Here we will give only some practical advices for implementing it in mailfromd filters.

The actual list of available authorization modules depends on your mailutils installation. Usually it includes, apart from traditional UNIX passwd database, the functions for verifying PAM, RADIUS and SQL database accounts. Each of the authorization methods is configured using special configuration file statements. For the description of the Mailutils configuration files, See Mailutils Configuration File in GNU Mailutils Manual. You can obtain the template for mailfromd configuration by running mailfromd --config-help.

For example, the following mailfromd.conf file:

auth {
  authorization pam:system;

pam {
  service mailfromd;

sets up the authorization using PAM and system passwd database. The name of PAM service to use is ‘mailfromd’.

The function validuser is often used together with dbmap, as in the example below:

#pragma dbprop /etc/mail/aliases.db null

if dbmap("/etc/mail/aliases.db", localpart($rcpt_addr))
   and validuser(localpart($rcpt_addr))

For more information about dbmap function, see dbmap. For a description of dbprop pragma, see Database functions.

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