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5.21 SMTP Callout Functions

Library Function: number callout_open (string url)

Opens connection to the callout server listening at url. Returns the descriptor of the connection.

Library Function: void callout_close (number fd)

Closes the connection. fd is the file descriptor returned by the previous call to callout_open.

Library Function: number callout_do (number fd, string email [, string rest])

Instructs the callout server identified by fd (a file descriptor returned by a previous call to callout_open) to verify the validity of the email. Optional rest argument supplies additional parameters for the server. It is formatted as a sequence of parameter settings delimited by whitespaces. Each setting is a parameter name and value separated by a ‘=’ sign. See callout parameters, for a discussion of available callout parameters.

Possible return values:


Success. The email is found to be valid.


email does not exist.


The email validity cannot be determined right now, e.g. because remote SMTP server returned temporary failure. The caller should retry verification later.


Some error occurred.

The function will throw the e_callout_proto exception if the remote host doesn’t speak the correct callout protocol.

Upon return, callout_do modifies the following variables:


Host name or IP address of the last polled SMTP server.


Initial SMTP reply from the last polled host.


The reply to the HELO (EHLO) command, received from the last polled host.


Last SMTP command sent to the polled host. If nothing was sent, last_poll_sent contains the string ‘nothing’.


Last SMTP reply received from the remote host. In case of multi-line replies, only the first line is stored. If nothing was received the variable contains the string ‘nothing’.

The default callout server is defined by the callout-url statement in the configuration file, or by the callout statement in the server milter section (see configuring default callout server. The following functions operate on that server.

Built-in Function: string default_callout_server_url ()

Returns URL of the default callout server.

Library Function: number callout (string email)

Verifies the validity of the email using the default callout server.

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