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7.1 Special Configuration Data Types

In addition to the usual data types (see Statements in GNU Mailutils Manual), mailfromd configuration introduces the following two special ones:

time interval specification

The time interval specification is a string that defines an interval, much the same way we do this in English: it consists of one or more pairs ‘number’-‘time unit’. For example, the following are valid interval specifications:

1 hour
2 hours 35 seconds
1 year 7 months 2 weeks 2 days 11 hours 12 seconds

The pairs can occur in any order, however unusual it may sound to a human ear, e.g. ‘2 days 1 year’. If the ‘time unit’ is omitted, seconds are supposed.

Connection URL

A named pipe (socket).


An IPv4 connection to host address at port port. Port must be specified either as a decimal number or as a string representing the port name in /etc/services.


An IPv6 connection to host address at port port. This port type is not yet supported.