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4.5.6 Pragma miltermacros

pragma: miltermacros handler macro …

Declare that the Milter stage handler uses MTA macro listed as the rest of arguments. The handler must be a valid handler name (see Handlers).

The mailfromd parser collects the names of the macros referred to by a ‘$name’ construct within a handler (see Sendmail Macros) and declares them automatically for corresponding handlers. It is, however, unable to track macros used in functions called from handler as well as those referred to via getmacro and macro_defined functions. Such macros should be declared using ‘#pragma miltermacros’.

During initial negotiation with the MTA, mailfromd will ask it to export the macro names declared automatically or by using the ‘#pragma miltermacros’. The MTA is free to honor or to ignore this request. In particular, Sendmail versions prior to 8.14.0 and Postfix versions prior to 2.5 do not support this feature. If you use one of these, you will need to export the needed macros explicitly in the MTA configuration. For more details, refer to the section in MTA Configuration corresponding to your MTA type.