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C.13 Upgrading from 4.3.x to 4.4

The deprecated --domain command line option has been withdrawn. The short option -D now defines a preprocessor symbol (see Preprocessor Options).

This version correctly handles name clashes between constants and variables, which remained unnoticed in previous releases. See variable--constant shadowing, for a detailed description of it.

To minimize chances of name clashes, all symbolic exception codes has been renamed by prefixing them with the ‘e_’, thus, e.g. divzero became e_divzero, etc. The ioerr exception code is renamed to e_io. See, for a full list of the new exception codes.

For consistency, the following most often used codes are available without the ‘e_’ prefix: success, not_found, failure, temp_failure. This makes most existing user scripts suitable for use with version 4.4 without any modification. If your script refers to any exception codes other than these four, you can still use it by defining a preprocessor symbol OLD_EXCEPTION_CODES, for example: