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C.12 Upgrading from 4.4 to 5.0

This version of Mailfromd requires GNU mailutils version 2.0 or later.

Upgrading from version 4.4 to 5.0 requires no additional changes. The major differences between these two versions are summarized below:

  1. Support for ‘MeTA1’.
  2. New ‘Mailutils’ configuration file.
  3. New MFL functions.
    1. Message functions. See Message functions.
    2. Mailbox functions. See Mailbox functions.
    3. Mail body functions. See Mail body functions.
    4. Header modification functions. See Header modification functions.
    5. Envelope modification functions. See Envelope modification functions.
    6. Quarantine functions. See Quarantine functions.
    7. getopt and varptr. See getopt.
    8. Macro access functions. See Macro access.
    9. Character type functions. See Character Type.
    10. New string functions (see String manipulation): verp_extract_user, sa_format_report_header, sa_format_score.
    11. Sequential access to DBM files. See dbm-seq.
  4. Changes in MFL
    1. See variadic functions.
    2. See function alias.
  5. New operation mode: See Run Mode.
  6. Improved stack growth technique.

    The stack can be grown either by fixed size blocks, or exponentially. Upper limit can be specified. See stacksize.

  7. Milter ports can be specified using URL notation.
  8. Removed deprecated features.

    Support for some deprecated features has been withdrawn. These are:

    1. Command line options --ehlo, --postmaster-email, and --mailfrom. These became deprecated in version 4.0. See 31x-400.