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10.1.2 The server statement

The server statement configures how calloutd will communicate with the client mailfromd server.

server {
  id name;
  listen url;
  backlog num;
  max-instances num;
  single-process bool;
  reuseaddr bool;
  default bool;
  callout url;
  acl { … }
Calloutd Conf: server

Define a server. Optional label may follow the server keyword. The label is ignored.

The substatements in the server block provide parameters for configuring this server.

server: id name

Assign an identifier to this server. This identifier is used as a suffix to syslog tag (see syslog tag) in messages related to this server. For example, if a server block had the following statement in it:

id main;

then all messages related to this server will be marked with tag ‘calloutd#main’.

The part before the ‘#’ is set using the tag statement in logging block (see Mailutils Configuration File in GNU Mailutils Manual).

server: listen url

Listen for connections on the given URL. See milter port specification, for a description of allowed url formats.


listen inet://;
server: backlog num

Configures the size of the queue of pending connections. Default value is 8.

server: max-instances number

Sets the maximum number of instances allowed for this server.

server: single-process bool

When set to ‘yes’, this server will run in single-process mode, i.e. it will not fork sub-processes to serve requests. This option is meant exclusively to assist in debugging calloutd. Don’t use it for anything else but for debugging!

server: reuseaddr bool

When set to ‘yes’, calloutd will attempt to reuse existing socket addresses. This is the default behavior.

server: acl statements

Defines access control list for this server. See Mailutils Configuration File in GNU Mailutils Manual, for a detailed discussion.

If the global ACL is defined as well, an incoming connection is checked against both lists: first the per-server ACL, then the global one. The connection will be permitted only if it passes both checks.

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