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13.2 Pmult Example

The following is an example of a working pmult configuration. The multiplexer listens on localhost, port ‘3333’. It prints its diagnostics using syslog facility local2. A single Mailfromd client is declared, which listens on UNIX socket /usr/local/var/mailfromd/mailfrom. The log verbosity level for this client is set to ‘info’ and higher, i.e.: ‘info’, ‘warn’, ‘err’ and ‘fatal’.

listen inet://;

logging {
   facility local2;

debug {
   level "pmult.trace7";

define-macros envmail (auth_type, auth_authen, auth_author, tls_vrfy);
define-macros envrcpt (auth_type, auth_authen, auth_author);

client {
   type milter;
   url /usr/local/var/mailfromd/mailfrom;
   log-level ">info";
   # Set write timeout.
   write-timeout 30 seconds;
   # Set read timeout.
   read-timeout 5 minutes;
   # Set timeout for EOM.
   eom-timeout 5 minutes;