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13.3 Pmult Invocation

Normally, pmult is invoked without command line arguments. However, it does support several command line options. First of all, the common GNU Mailutils options are understood, which are useful for checking pmult configuration file for syntax errors. See Common Options in GNU Mailutils Manual, for a detailed description of these.

The rest of command line options supported by pmult is useful mostly for debugging. These options are summarized in the table below:


Set the identifier used in syslog messages to string. This option mostly is for debugging purposes. We advise to use logging configuration statement for this purpose (see Logging Statement in GNU Mailutils Manual).


Disable signal handling in the main thread. This is for debugging purposes.


Log to the syslog. This is the default. See Logging Statement in GNU Mailutils Manual, for information on how to configure syslog logging.


Log to the standard error stream.


Listen on the given url. This overrides the url configuration statement (see url).


Set debug verbosity level. This overrides the debug configuration statement. See pmult-debug, for more information.