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13.1.1 Multiplexer Configuration.

Pmult listens for Pmilter requests on a socket, configured using listen statement:

Pmult Conf: listen url

Listen on the given url. Argument is a valid Mailutils URL. See milter port specification, for a description of url.

Since pmult runs as a foreground program, it does not write its PID number to a file by default. If this behavior is required, it can be enabled using the following statement:

Pmult Conf: pidfile file

Store PID of the pmult process in file.

The following three limits require MeTA1 version ‘PreAlpha30.0’ or later.

Pmult Conf: max-threads-soft n

“Soft” limit on the number of ‘pmilter’ threads. Default is 2.

Pmult Conf: max-threads-hard n

“Hard” limit on the number of ‘pmilter’ threads. This is roughly equivalent to the number of emails pmult is able to handle simultaneously. The default value is 6. Raise this limit if you experience long delays when connecting to the SMTP port.

Pmult Conf: max-pmilter-fd n

Maximum number of file descriptors ‘pmilter’ library is allowed to open simultaneously. Default is 10.